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Responsible environmental and family policy

I’m an architect currently on child care leave. I stand as a candidate in municipal elections in Tampere because I want Tampere to develop into a climate-friendly city where it is good for people of all ages to live. I would like to work especially for the environment and for families with children.

In my opinion, the environmental aspect must be taken into account in all decision making in Tampere: urban planning and transit systems, construction, energy production and public procurement. This means, for example, that services are close by, it is safe for children to walk or cycle to school, and that nature is taken care of.

The position of families with children needs to be improved in Tampere. In family services the emphasis must be more on supporting families’ coping and preventing problems. When problems occur, help should be obtained quickly so that the problems do not escalate. I also consider it very important that day care is available close to home and that there is enough qualified personnel.

I always try to base my decision on researched knowledge, not on gut feeling. I’m also willing to challenge my own thinking and I try to look at things from multiple points of view. I believe these are important skills in politics. Read more about my thoughts on the blog and get in touch: mirja.salmijarvi(at)